The 88 Day Transformation Experience 

This amazing science accelerates  weight loss, alleviates ailments, allowing you to look and feel amazing without restrictive diets or painful exercises using our secret code of cellular hydration.

88 days represents the cellular transformation cycle of the human body, the right amount of time to allow for optimal health at the cellular level, accelerating fat loss, improving organ function, dramatically increasing energy and brain function. This unique breakthrough is all natural and best of all it's simple, scientific and sustainable. 

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Our Secret Code, we call it the “Hydration Revelation”

Our secret code allows you to transform your unhealthy hard as marble cells to be like a sponge, absorbing healthy hydration, naturally releasing toxins and decreasing inflammation. Drinking water alone will not hydrate your cells. This unique science we call Cellular Hydration is the key to optimal health at the cellular level. Our 88 day Transformation Experience allows the fat to melt of your body quickly in a simple and natural way helping you look and feel amazing, alleviating ailments, without strict diets or strenuous exercises. 

World Class Personal Coaching and Support

World class personal touch coaching, mentoring and support by real Transformers who have personally experienced results. The Transformation Experience includes your own personal coach, access to our members only Facebook Group, a personal invite to our live weekly Q & A sessions with founders John and Chelsea Jubilee, a private portal with recipes and daily training videos designed and engineered for your optimal success.

Simple and Delicious Recipes

We offer a variety of tasteful recipes with the flexibility to enjoy many of your favorite foods. NO strict diets or cardboard food. Have fun and experiment by taking our recipes and adjusting them to your personal preference. We will provide the success guidelines to keep you on track. 

Transformation Nation

Many transformers are so excited about their results they naturally share it with others. We reward transformers for sharing their experience and helping others. Stay connected with Transformation Nation in our private Facebook group or consider becoming an ambassador or team member.

Your Free Breakthrough Consultation
  • The step-by-step game plan our clients use to lose fat fast, while eating the foods they love, without doing sit-ups or painful exercises. 

  • The little known "fountain of youth" our clients use to look amazing without sagging skin, while regaining their confidence and self-esteem, even if that feels impossible.

  • How Cellular hydration helps change the way clients feel, look, and allows fat to fall off faster, while reducing the need for medications.

  • How to be healthier than ever, gain mental clarity, increase energy and productivity by maximizing brain function and neuro activity from cellular hydration, without doing puzzles or mind exercises.
  • How our clients leverage their metabolism and burn fat all day long while reversing their metabolic age and improving brain function ...without giving up the foods they love. 
  • And how you can look amazing, slim down and fit into your dream size, even if seems too overwhelming, you're physically challenged or even disabled!
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Free Masterclass Experience

Learn the 5 shifts that have transformed the lives of thousands of people just like you and me to feel and look better than they  had ever imagined in a new life of energy, vitality and joy. 

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