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What Is this breakthrough science the United Nations demanded to know ?

The Energized Health Transformation Experience is a scientific sequencing of three simple things for 14 days and three things for 88 days (the cellular cycle of the human body). This protocol allows you to transform your unhealthy hard as marble cells to be like a  sponge to absorb healthy hydration, release toxins and decrease inflammation. These things in conjunction, help your cells cause hundreds of mitochondria inside the cell to fire like a nuclear power plant producing pure optimal health at the cellular level. This inside out process manifests your true genetic blueprint while losing fat, gaining lean muscle and increasing healthy hydration. This transformation produces renewed hormonal health and dozens of positive chemical reactions in just 88 days. This protocol resets your hypothalamus and your metabolism while virtually doubling your brain function which reduces stress in a natural way while dramatically increasing energy levels. This Energized Health Transformation Experience is simple, scientific and sustainable.

Energized Health 88 Day Transformation Experience with John & Chelsea Jubilee

is designed to improve health and wellness by rebuilding your healthy, hydrated cells. In this program there are:

  • No restrictive diets: You can make small changes and enjoy eating real food.
  • No painful exercise: These are scientific ways of low impact that get great results.
  • No need to go to the gym unless you choose to! You will save time and do these powerful exercises at home.


Success Guaranteed!

It's guaranteed or your money back! Be skeptical! Be a beautiful beloved skeptic! 22 years, 53,000 success stories! Be a skeptic! But do this for yourself!

See what others are saying about Energized Health 

"Major changes in my life have occurred. Within 4 months, I went from 330 lbs. to 225 lbs., from a 52-inch waist to a 38. I haven’t used a cane for months now, and I went from 50 yards, to ¼ of a mile, to walking 5 miles."

Michael Summar

"I actually lost 68 pounds of fat and 15 inches, while gaining 25 lbs. of muscle and water. I got down into the 180s."

 - Jeff Eddie

"My total inches lost for the whole 88 days was 29, and I lost 44.7 pounds of fat. I was a size 12 when I started."

 - Dana Eddie

“I’ve now lost about 60 pounds of fat and gained 12 pounds of muscle and hydration in about three months. I’ve come off of fourmedications; two antidepressants, high blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication. I’m now med free! My blood pressure was in the 145 over 95 range now off medication it’s usually around 110 over 75.”

Bill Graham

“I was a paratrooper in the Army before I became a preacher and always said ‘I wouldn’t become a fat preacher’. My pastors growing up we’re all very overweight. I did well until I messed up my knee sledding with my kids and couldn’t run anymore. I had gained a lot of weight and did every program available to no avail. I heard John on the radio for five minutes and signed up. It fixed my knee and I lost over 50 pounds of fat and did my first triathlon at 48 years old. It was the easiest thing I have ever done!”

 David Baker

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