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Homemade clean coconut oil toothpaste

I got this recipe from one of my favorite food companies. If you haven’t heard of Hail Merry please visit the website to learn all about the coconut macaroons, tarts, grawnolas, and much more ... and yes most of them are sugar-free make great use of our favorite ‘Jubilee’ food coconut and coconut oil.

Read the whole article on how to make your own “Clean” Natural Toothpaste here.

Homemade “Clean” Coconut Oil Toothpaste Recipe

1 tablespoon organic raw coconut oil1 tablespoon baking soda

5 drops of essential oil for flavoring: peppermint*, grapefruit** or eucalyptus*** oil is suggested.

Liquid stevia can be added for a sweeter version but use one drop at a time until sweet quotient is reached.

1. Mix baking soda and coconut oil in a small container, until well blended and paste like consistency.

2. Add essential oil of choice and mix. Add stevia as needed (optional)

3. Use immediately or store in an airtight container at room temperature.


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