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Divine Assistance - Dr Todd Rice

doctor dr rice todd wreck Dec 12, 2019

Some of you may have heard about John and Dr. Rice’s paths crossing with some ‘divine assistance’. If you didn’t hear today’s show to recap, John was on his way back from Indianapolis, IN to Nashville. Dr. Rice was on his way to Indianapolis to see the Colts play. However there was a torrential downpour and driving conditions were hazardous. Dr. Rice’s car hydroplaned resulting in the crossing of 3 lanes of traffic and massive damage to his vehicle. While his car was totaled Dr. Rice escaped without a scratch. 

Although shaken up a bit, John came to the Dr.‘s assistance and offered him a ride back to Nashville. Not only did he get a ride but John made him the featured guest of the show! 

Please see the vehicle that Dr. Rice was in after the crash by watching the video that John made:  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Stories like this cannot be fabricated and meetings such as there are orchestrated with some help from above. leave a...

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Steve Henegar Testimonial

One exciting thing that has happened since I’ve been on the program, When I got dressed last Sunday, I discovered there is now room between me and the waistband on my pants.  Before I started I had to suck my gut in to get them fastened.  Then the top of the waistband rolled out because of the dunlop disease.

One of my goals was for my belt buckle to face forward and not face the floor.  I’ve just about reached that goal.  Still got a lot of fat so the next goal if for my children to be able to take me shopping for new clothes.  I may have to resort to suspenders before that happens though.

Another exciting thing is my blood sugar is down about 30 points on average.  I’ve completely dropped one medicine and may be able to convince my doctor to drop another dangerous one when I visit him this month.  My goal here is to completely get rid of all my meds.  The one medicine I’ve dropped will more then cover the cost of the...

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Muscle Mass - Dr Sean Silvernagel M.D.

One of the things people often over look in fitness, especially as we age, is the importance of maintaining muscle mass. Everyone wants to lose fat. We have developed an entire industry around that concept, but the critical role muscle plays to that effect is often lost in the process. As we age, our body starts to lose muscle mass, a process called sarcopenia. This usually starts in our 40’s and tends to accelerate with age. It varies from person to person and depends a bit upon how much muscle one has to start with. Regardless, muscle mass is slowly lost with time.   

So what’s the significance of this? Let’s start at the metabolic level. The number one determining factor of an individual’s basal metabolic rate is their lean muscle mass. We all know muscle burns a lot of calories during exercise, but when we are at rest, muscle still continues to burn calories as it works to maintain its size and integrity. This is the combustible engine of your...

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