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DE-MYTH-TIFY-ING : Fat is Bad for You

People have had the false impression that if you eat fat it will turn into fat on your body. Appropriate dietary fat intake is crucial to whole body health at the cellular level. Let’s be clear though and focus on healthy fats. I’m busting the myths and  sharing the ‘good’ , the ‘bad’, and the ‘ugly’ about ‘fats’ and why they are essential for health on a cellular level. But remember adding healthy fats to the diet is not a ‘free pass’ to eat fried or fatty fast food!

Fats consumed can be split in four categories these are the following:

- Trans Fats (Bad)

- Saturated Fats (Bad)

- Polyunsaturated Fats (Good)

- Monounsaturated Fats (Good)

- So why should you not consume the bad fats. Trans and Saturated are particularly bad for you as they increase the risk of coronary heart disease by raising the levels of (bad) LDL cholesterol and lowering the levels of (good) HDL cholesterol. Following on from this there...

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Chicken, Green Beans, Squash - Recipe

Sent in by one of our lovely Transformers, Vanessa Beard. If you have a recipe we would love to know about it. You can simply add a comment below and let John know!

What’s for Dinner: 
4 ounce chicken breast

1 thin slice skim swiss or provolone cheese


summer squash

green beans

bell pepper 

onion baby bella mushroom

salt, pepper, garlic and seasonings

coconut oil

In skillet coat with coconut oil add chicken breast, salt and cook till nearly done. Add cheese and salsa, your choose of mild, medium or hot. 

Continue cooking on stove top or place in oven till cheese melts and thoroughly  cooked, about 10 minutes. 

In another skillet melt coconut oil and add squash, red onion, pepper, ( I like the yellow or orange) garlic powder and seasonings you like, sauté. 

In another, add coconut oil, add green beans, mushrooms, salt, seasonings and sauté .

Enjoy with a glass of green tea

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Chicken Broccoli Pizza Casserole


1 bag organic chicken breast diced
1 block 1/3 fat cream cheese
1 block 8oz mozzarella cheese
1 jar low sugar healthy marinara (I use Newmans Own)
1 bag organic froz broccoli florets
several shakes garlic and italian seasoning

Spray pan w coconut oil
heat oven to 350
layer chicken on bottom, then broccoli, then pour marinara over all, then dice both cheeses and spread all over it - then sprinkle seasonings on top
cook 40-45 min
Take out - stir and serve

#LowCarb #LowFat #GlutenFree #Healthy

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