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Garlic Eggs Gary Style - Recipe

breakfast eggs recipe Sep 12, 2019

A simple recipe and a thought:

When I started the Jubilee transformation I announced to my friends, drinking buddies from work and my relatives (as needed) that I am going off the grid for 90 days. I will still be here if you need me but my routine is changing and I am taking out this period of time for me.  All of them gave me that look as  they were surprised because I was and I am serious about this transformation thing. It was a great way to start.

4 eggs

¼ small onion minced

Splash of skim milk

Light salt

1 tsp cracked black pepper

½ tsp basil (optional)

½ tsp garlic powder

1 small home grown tomato chunked

Shredded American and part skim mozzarella cheese to taste (I like heavy)


Mix eggs, onion, milk and spices, whip longer than usual to aerate or use a blender

Cook eggs in a skillet with a little extra virgin olive oil

Don’t over scramble and try to leave at omelet consistency

Transfer to plate and add cheese topped with tomatoes


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The Egg In Basket - Recipe

This recipe was sent in by one of our lovely transformers, Vanessa Beard. It’s JJT approved and it’s 200 calories! You can let us know what you think about this recipe commenting below! Have you made it, what do you think, will you try it? 

The Egg In Basket
1 piece Rudi sprouted multigrain 

1 egg

Spread coconut oil on both sides of bread , cut out center for egg, crack egg in hole and fry in skillet. ( if you don’t like them runny , bust yolk). Enjoy. This with a piece of center cut bacon and cantaloupe = 200 calories.

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