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Chest and Arms Firmer, Calves Bigger, Stomach Smaller - John Melcher

Some of you may have heard about John’s radio producer,  Jonathan, and his dedication to his Transformation journey. Here is the first installment of what will be weekly updates here:

“The biggest difference I am currently seeing is in muscle.  I feel my chest getting firmer and my arms are feeling the same way.  I have also noticed my calves getting bigger as well.  One big thing I’ve noticed is that the days after my workouts, I am not hurting or in pain even though during the workout, I could very much “feel the burn”.  Ask far as my waist goes, I have not noticed clothing fitting any looser yet, but my stomach, at times, has seemed a little smaller.  ”

John Melcher


This week I have definitely noticed some changes. I am currently following all 10 technologies for the program, and it is working. Last week I was only noticing my calf muscles getting bigger. This week I am seeing my arms and chest getting...

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