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Spiritual - Gary Maddox

adversity commit spiritual Jan 08, 2020

As I started the Jubilee transformation it was like taking a dunk in a cold lake or a first mountain flight in a hang glider. You commit. You jump and you deal with any adversity that comes your way but if you jump going back is not an option.

I used to sleep to 6 AM and hurry to shower and get to work. Now I am up at 4:30, out the door to shuffle at 4:45 for an hour. I’m not a health guy or even an exercise person, I just decided to try this. It took some getting used to but all of this aside I discovered something else.

It’s always dark so I have seen the stars in a way that I have not seen in some time. Twice the milky way has been so pronounced that I just stop and look. I’ve been in light rain, heavy fog, strong wind and calm coolness as I shuffle along.

But the best thing has been the reminder of nature and my place in the flow. Not too much Zen, not too much new age thought. Just my place. I’ve lost people over the years as we all have and will but I’m still here.   

And the colors I have seen as the sun starts to rise over the hills next to where I live remind me that even though I am not a real religious person, God is here.

I never expected this part.

To repeat the last words of Steve Jobs, Wow, Wow, Wow!

The sound of real Peace is something I did not even know I could hear.

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