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Our breakthrough, patent-pending protocol inner cellular hydration may help reduce your need for medications, reverse ailments or diseases, help you lose fat fast and fully energize you in all areas of your life without restrictive diets or painful exercises. 

Transform your life using our whole-istic and integrated body, mind and spirit approach to optimal health at the cellular level. Our simple, scientific and sustainable protocol benefits you the rest of your life.

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What is Energized Health and how did it begin?

It was through John Jubilee's personal pain that he developed the solution to many health conditions. He discovered the power of Inner Cellular Hydration over 25 years ago. Chelsea studied and had a passion for seeing people get well in their mind and spirit. Together they created Energized Health with the desire to change the world, one life at a time.

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Watch Dr. Bryan Taylor's Testimony

Dr. Bryan was struggling with arthritis, high blood pressure, being overweight, and wasn’t enjoying his retirement like he wanted to. But when he chose Energized health, he started seeing RESULTS that changed everything—including completely regenerating cartilage in his knees and reversing “irreversible” kidney damage. Watch his victory story.

The Science that Leads to Transformation

It was John's personal pain that started his journey. What John discovered 25 years ago about the power of Inner Cellular Hydration has been the solution to many health conditions for thousands of people. Chelsea’s heart to see people heal and John's passion for helping people come together in Energized Health's mission to revolutionize and transform the health of people around the world.

Learn The Secret To Health Without Restrictive Diets

No Restrictive Diets

Eat foods you love during your Transformation Experience. We only ask you to set aside 2 things for 88 days!

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No Painful Exercises

No running or sit-ups. We teach a gentle cellular health exercise that anyone can do, even while doing other things. It causes the fastest fat burn and health optimization imaginable.

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No Continued Failure

No more short-term results that don’t last. After your cellular transformation, you’ll be  are able to enjoy any and all foods in moderation for a lifetime!

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Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize and transform the health of people around the world. We naturally inspire and impart the real benefits of inner cellular hydration while transforming the body, renewing the mind and uplifting the spirit-helping people move from surviving to thriving.

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We have many amazing client reviews and testimonies from real people. We acknowledge results may vary and the statements made by Energized Health and its clients do not constitute medical advice or services